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Innovative SMEs, family businesses, traditional or high-tech industries, projects at local, national or international scale. The stakes are increasingly varied and complex. GVA accompanies you to face these new challenges.

Solid experience in coaching SME – SMI

GVA, supported by its multiple skill sets, accompanies you both in France and abroad in all your steering, growth, security and business optimisation challenges.

We offer you our in-depth knowledge of SMEs, enriched by our customer coaching experiences.
We accompany all the stages of the company’s life: establishment, evolution, transformation, creation of new entities and even transmission. We fully commit ourselves.

Our experts perform tailor-made missions to optimise:

  • Your management and steering tools
  • Growth funding
  • International development
  • Risk management,
  • Social and environmental responsibility

Your needs in


Every day you are faced with accounting, tax, social or legal challenges. GVA provides you with the necessary resources, adapted to your evolving needs and within your deadlines.
GVA focuses on being operational and trustworthy in order to optimise your management and ensure your stability in a relationship of confidence. Our multidisciplinary teams are at your disposal with the necessary resources adapted to your changing needs thanks to their in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business activities.

Our missions

  • Bookkeeping and accounting analysis
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Preparation of annual accounts, interim accounts …
  • Leadership and decision-making support
  • Technical and organizational advice
  • Social advice
  • Tax advice

For a high quality of service

Today, more than ever, the work of statutory auditors requires greater integration and the anticipation of many changes.


For our auditors, these missions involve thorough monitoring of the services rendered. Once hired to perform this statutory task, GVA is committed to issue an opinion based on the risk assessment, the quality of internal controls, and validation of the accounting data and financial information submitted.


In acknowledgement of the challenges and issues specific to each sector, GVA has developed sector-specific skills honed for the industrial, financial, distribution, service, new technology, environment, social and humanitarian sectors…

Strategic coaching for measured growth

Certain crucial events in the life of a company must be taken alongside knowledgeable professionals and with their guidance.

Our teams of specialists, with their knowledge and expertise in legal and tax packages together with financial and assets management, are the ideal partners, in close relationship with other consultants (lawyers, investment funds, bankers, …), for ensuring secure and optimal conditions in these operations.


GVA, with its skills and experience, is ideally positioned to meet the following needs:

  • Appraisal
  • Due diligence
  • Preparing Business Plans

Meet your obligations with secure tools

With a dedicated team, you benefit from enhanced protection against financial and social risks. From the employment contract to the design of monthly payrolls and regular social security returns, GVA helps you improve your payroll management whatever your business, headcount or location.


Coaching at every stage

Preparing pay slips, identifying potential recruitment tools, satisfying your requirements while respecting your collective bargaining agreements and implement new regulations … many complex tasks and deadlines that can be entrusted to a an expert.


Example missions

  • Managing contracts relating to employment law: employment contract, profit sharing, incentives agreements, etc … in cooperation with your lawyers if necessary
  • Preparing pay slips, transfer orders and social security returns.
  • Ensuring the reliability, security and timeliness of payroll data
  • Assisting the company in managing its staff including compliance with social obligations
  • Helping the company to improve its wage policies
  • Managing the variable payroll elements: holiday pay, reduction of hours, bonus, etc …

High-end partners to overcome your challenges

GVA is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of specialists and lawyers to ensure the success of its legal and tax assignments, assist its clients in their growth and cope with both common and extraordinary events.


Our missions

  • Corporate law, Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • French and international tax law
  • International mobility
  • Transfer pricing
  • Contract law
  • Business litigation
  • Prevention and treatment of difficulties
  • Transition and Restructuring management

Coaching for improving operational performance

To build an ambitious and innovative strategy, GVA accompanies management decision-making in areas such as corporate steering, performance improvement (budgets, dashboards, accounting, calculating cost price, …).

Our missions

  • Preparing business plans, financing plans, dashboard reports
  • Organisational audit, implementation of internal controls
  • Executive coaching, management and communication training
  • Tax arrangements and studies
  • Search for partners

Solutions for improving and optimising the future

When defining the employment status of executives, choosing remuneration means or resolving social or tax issues, GVA remains at your side to assist you, anticipate the future and advise you with your asset related decisions.


Our missions

  • Monitoring the financial, legal and taxation aspects of asset management
  • Anticipating the actions to take for optimizing the transmission of assets
  • Helping to draw up a balance of assets for executives using an inter-professional approach
  • Accompanying executives in their choice of legal, tax and social regimes, and finding the balance between salary and dividends
  • Organizing the private and professional wealth of executives for inheritance and tax purposes
  • Real estate management: choice of acquisition structure, finding the right funding for the operation, business plan for the duration of the loan, technical optimisation by dividing-up corporate property.

When performing capital increases or in mergers, demergers and spin-offs, GVA accompanies you with all the legal duties required for statutory merger and share audits. The role of the shares auditor is to appraise:
The value of contributions to ensure they are not overvalued
– The specific benefits to be gained from such operations.

The auditor’s mission is guided by standards that define both the nature of the procedures to be implemented, the report format to be issued and the deadlines.



  • Obtain and analyse all the legal and financial documentation related to the operation
  • Appraise the value of contributions as well as the specific benefits during such operations
  • Check that the relative valuesassigned to the shares or stakes in the companies involved in the transaction are relevant and that the exchange ratio is fair.

Our missions

  • Share auditor
  • Merger auditor
  • Specific benefits auditor
  • Assets and liabilities auditor

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